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We provide 24/7 support services. You can email anytime , any day and we'll respond to you within minutes. If you want your tutor contact number, you can email it and it ll be given to you.

We check all work on turnitin before submitting. You ll be provided similarity reports in all major assignments.

We charge only for passing the work not for failing it. We agree on the minimum grade on each coursework/paper with the client and refund if guaranteed grade is not achieved.

Our experienced editors proofread all work before sending to clients. We make sure the content delivered to you is of high quality

We provide unlimited revisions for your assignments. You can get it revised until you are sure it ll get a passing grade.

If you do not like our services, you can ask for a refund. We ll refund your money if we could not get a agreed grade on your assignment

Leading Online Proctored Exam Service

We offer online proctored exam services that will advance your learning and testing skills. It will also be able to validate your knowledge, reduce your cost, and increase access.  

Experience Proctored Exam Your Way 

Eduintello keeps all the data collected to the minimum level. Our experts ensure that the industry is operated under strict guidelines and standards, and we are in close contact with the other academic institutes. Any kind of privacy process can be supported by our team easily. 

Have More Control 

Test takers can be supervised through a test proctoring software that offers a dual view of the security. You can choose any monitor for live purposes, or you can even review after the session. A simple brief is required from our experts about how you want more control over the proctored exam or have your own proctor test staff.

Available Without Appointment 

We offer services without having to perform any booking. You can call our support people to perform the test under provided circumstances and succeed in the evaluation. Transparency is the key to bringing assessment closer to both test taker and candidate. 

360° Screen-Sharing

Multiple screen viewing options are available to see the best view of the candidate performing tests at workspace on their smartphones. Eduintello offers test organizers with the best remote proctoring software adaptable to different assessment situations or recruitment processes. 

Get Started With Few Clicks 

Eduintello provides a complete solution designed to offer the best online proctored exam feature within the present situation of assessment. Our experts have designed the exam to take their remote tests with their own gadgets and avoid any kind of online proctored exam cheating throughout the exam. 

Create Value Of Your Program

We offer the best online proctoring services created to prevent any kind of dishonesty throughout the test and increase the program`s value. You can also save money by removing all the burden needed for the physical infrastructure, and there is no need to include more security reasons. Our experts are ready to assist you with the right set of convenient tests for all test takers from any part of the globe. 

Why Choose Eduintello? 


Our security measures ensure that there is no cheating in online proctored exams. You will get a monthly analysis report and the satisfaction of the test takers. Watch in real-time how test-takers perform the proctor test so that you have complete control. We are committed to serving the industry through our protected environment and accountability. 

Fit Your Purpose 

Our experts are best into fitting as per your requirements and the exam rules and regulations. Our test proctoring software can easily be exam process streamlined in the best way to ensure that only the highest quality examination occurs.

We Provide Best Support 

Our experts are always ready to assist you with all the support and services you need. Our technical staff is here to support online proctoring or relevant help. There is a dedicated manager that will be ensuring you get the best services. Our experts will help you start in the right way once you have reviewed our policies. We also offer many other programs that are customizable as per your requirements. 

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